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What is FIDAice?
FIDAice is a product of long-term researches and tests to satisfy the desire of hockey players, figure skaters and all skating lovers who wanted to skate in the middle of summer. The FIDAice material is made of highly molecular polyethylene with numerous supplements that increase the gliding and are without question strictly confidential.
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How does FIDAice work?
While skating the ice under the pressure of the blade changes from solid into liquid aggregation, namely water. On account of this a lubricant is produced, decreasing the friction between the steel blade and ice, and therefore enabling a better gliding on the frozen surface. On the plastic surface something like that isn’t possible, because a several tone force is needed to change the aggregation of plastic boards. That is why the friction between the blade and plastic surface needs to be decreased in some other way. This has been achieved by using various supplements which decrease the friction between the blade and the surface, enabling better gliding. Numerous problems arouse, because we needed to overcome a lot of obstacles. Many lubricants are toxic, leave stains on clothes, cause allergies with people, pollute the environment… Finally we managed to produce the lubricant with the best viscidity and at the same time being non-toxic, not leaving stains on clothes, not causing any reaction on skin and being environmentally friendly.
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Which shapes of skating surfaces are available?
You can decide on any kind of shape of the skating surface, since FIDAice boards can be shaped with a regular wood saw and thus can be adjusted to your desires and needs. The basic board shapes are rectangular and the skating surfaces can be square, oval, round or any other shape.
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How big and thick are FIDAice boards?
The PriceLess boards are 120 x 200 cm large, and the Puzzle boards are 117 x 117 cm large. You can choose from boards that are 10 mm to 25 mm thick, and every thickness is intended for different usage conditions. With smaller surfaces and straight basis you can choose from thinner boards, but with bigger surfaces and not so straight basis you need to choose from thicker boards.
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Can I install a FIDAice skating surface on my own?
Joining FIDAice boards is extremely easy. It can be done by anyone who doesn’t have “two left hands”. Nevertheless, we are always there to advise you how to solve any problems that might arise while installing the FIDAice skating surface.
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How much time do I need to install a FIDAice skating surface?
It all depends on the size and type of boards. A 200 m2 big skating surface with the Puzzle boards can be installed in 2  hours, but for a 400 m2 big one with the PriceLess boards 6 hours are needed.
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What is the delivery time for a FIDAice skating surface?
It depends on the size of the skating surface. The usual delivery time is 30-45 days, but certainly we make our best to please the customers’ wishes.
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What kind of terrain can I install the FIDAice skating surface on?
On all rather straight and firm terrains, for example, asphalt, concrete, paving stones, tiles … If the terrain is uneven, we recommend a metal or wood underconstruction.
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Can I install a FIDAice skating surface on the grassy terrain?
Of course. Even on your grassy backyard you can build a FIDAice skating surface, preferably with PriceLess boards. We recommend the basis from OSB boards, depending on the firmness of the grassy terrain.
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Do I need special skates to skate on the FIDAice skating surface?
No. You can skate on FIDAice skating surfaces with the skates you normally use when skating on ice. Sharpening of the skates is completely the same as with ice skating.
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Can I stop in the same way as on real ice on the FIDAice skating surface?
Of course. Stopping, turning, pushing, jumping, acrobatic performing … you can do everything in the same way as on real ice.
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Can I play hockey with a real puck on the FIDAice skating surface?
Of course. The same as with skates, the puck slides almost the same as on real ice.
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Can the heat, frost or UV rays cause damage on a FIDAice skating surface?
No. FIDAice boards have been tested in extreme temperature conditions (from -50°C to +50°C), and all are covered with the newest and most effective UV protection.
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How is it with the cleaning of a FIDAice skating surface?
We recommend cleaning with a regular broom and water or with the machines intended for cleaning firm surfaces. You can also order these at our company.
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What is the lifespan of a FIDAice skating surface?
Nothing lasts forever, even the FIDAice skating surfaces not. The lifespan depends on the frequency of usage and where the skating surface is placed. If the surface is outdoors, and thus exposed to big temperature changes and strong UV radiation, its lifespan is 5-7 years on one side, then the boards can simply be turned around and used for another 5-7 years on the other side. When the lifespan expires on the other side, it can be lengthened with factory renovation. The boards are thinned for 2 mm and they are as good as new. The renovation is a few times cheaper than buying a new skating surface. When using it indoors, the lifespan of the skating surface is naturally a little bit longer. To conclude, by using both sides and renovating it once, the FIDAice skating surface will serve you about 20 years!
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Why are FIDAice skating surfaces environmentally friendly?
Because they do not need any energy sources or water for their functioning, and thus do not pollute the environment by exhausting toxic or greenhouse gases and do not use thousands of liters of valuable drinking water. After the lispan, they can be 100% recycled.
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Can I also fall on a FIDAice skating surface?
No worries. As on real ice gravitation can beat you also on a FIDAice skating surface and you can finish your recreation by hard landing. Proven!
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