FIDAice skating surfaces

Skate 365 days a year!

By using modern and environmentally friendly materials, skating has become more than just a winter sport.

FIDAice skating surfaces are made of highly molecular polyethylene boards which enable top skating.

The laboratory tests have shown that the friction between the blade and the boards is really small, therefore the gliding is only 5 to 10 per cent lower in comparison to the natural ice.

FIDAice skating surfaces enable skating in all seasons irrespective of the weather. With no high maintenance costs.

No frost! No water! No electricity!


Become a part of the FIDAice community!

Thousands of satisfied skaters and other athletes enjoy skating and making new tracks on more than 10,000 m2 of skating surfaces in numerous European countries every day.


Would you like to find more about the world novelty – FIDAice skating surfaces?

Let the FIDA sports equipment become your “fidus amicus”


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