Accessories for FIDAice skating surfaces

When buying a skating surface, you are also offered:

  • Ice-skates,
  • Hockey sticks and pucks,
  • Cleaning machines for skating surfaces,
  • Glide enhancer for skating surfaces.


Ice-skates and other accessories

After the purchase you by all means need to see to the promotion and mass attendance of the FIDAice skating surface. We can in different ways help you also with this. One of the most important things which promise mass attendance is surely the renting of the equipment for having fun on the skating surface. We offer you the purchase of numerous sports accessories, which will definitely increase the satisfaction of the visitors of FIDAice skating surfaces.


Cleaning machines

To ensure unforgettable pleasures on FIDAice skating surfaces you need to see to an appropriate maintenance, which is really easy. The skating surface must be clean, since small parts of dirt decrease the gliding, and the bigger ones can damage the blades. Small skating surfaces can be cleaned manually without any difficulties and efforts, with the help of a broom and water hose, but when it comes to bigger skating surfaces we recommend buying cleaning machines, which will provide the most efficient and fastest way to clean the skating surface to full shine.


Glide enhancer

If your FIDAice skating surface is meant only for skating, you can increase the skaters’ pleasure by using a special fluid, which you cover the skating surface with and in this way reach the best gliding. FIDAice skating surface that isn’t covered with this special fluid is appropriate for different kinds of recreation, because it doesn’t slip to the visitors in the usual footwear, but the gliding is then a bit lessened (approximately 80%, in comparison to real ice). By using the special fluid you can increase the gliding and thus provide the skaters with the feeling which is almost the same as on real ice (the gliding is then almost 95% in comparison to real ice).

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