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Perfectionism always brings people to the best. And it also brought us there.

As sportspeople we have always been streaming towards the professional sports equipment, but have been on our way many times forced to make compromises. But because compromises don’t bring perfection, we decided to pave our own way. In cooperation with the best manufacturers in the world we started to build a collection of sports equipment of our own brand – FIDA. Because we were uncompromising in our demands, we stopped cooperating with quite a few manufacturers, but we do not regret it. Up till now we have managed to offer a collection of topmost sports gear to sportspeople in numerous countries, and the number is still increasing.

Before a certain equipment becomes a part of the collection, it is being tested with the help of professional sportspeople and different national sports associations. After months of testing in different conditions, samples go through analysis, and only then it is decided which ones meet the demanding FIDA standards according to the quality of materials, durability, users’ satisfaction … Sometimes we immediately get along with those cooperating in testing, become friends and begin with cooperating even closer. This is how we started to cooperate with our ambassadors, namely, Mitja Kunc, Marcel Rodman and Aleš Pajovič, who with their expertise, topmost sports career and mostly their personalities lift confidence in the FIDA brand, and at the same time add to its reputation. Together with today’s presentation Boštjan Nachbar officially joined the FIDA ambassadors.

All the FIDA sports equipment sets the highest standards, and in practice tries to keep up with the promises and data about its characteristics which are written down.

  • FIDES – the goddess of loyalty in Roman mythology
  • FIDUS AMICUS – a loyal friend

Meet the new brand named FIDA. It will become your “fidus amicus”

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