Xenon Green

A good allmountain ski is ideal for beginners and advanced skiers enjoying in versatile skiing.

  • A special POLYCORE polymer core provides a very good ski responsiveness, the polymer at the same time being an excellent material for dampening the vibrations, making the skis extraordinary stabile,
  • Multi-layered reinforcement of glass fibers, made with a special 3D pre-preparation in an autoclave, ensures good torsion stability and an extremely efficient transmission of forces to the edges, enabling extremely accurate control and extraordinary fast ski responsiveness,
  • the edges made of a special alloy of steel strengthened with chrome are extremely hard, therefore preserving their sharpness long after the processing in service,
  • between the edges and the core there is a layer of a special rubber composition absorbing most of the vibrations arising during the skiing on firm terrain, enabling the perfect edge position of skis,
  • a sliding surface made of highly molecular graphite enables extraordinary gliding and an excellent wax absorption, providing better gliding characteristics after using skiing wax.



150 cm / 11,4 m
158 cm / 12,9 m



appropriate for


Tyrolia LRX



beginners and advanced skiers




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