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I first came into contact with FIDA basketballs at my basketball camp. I have to admit they are of top quality. The balls are produced in different dimensions and are meant to be used on different surfaces. To me it is really important that a ball has a good grip, which FIDA balls definitely have. Without any exaggeration I can say that FIDA balls are good enough to be used on the biggest competitions.

Boštjan Nachbar, Europe's most expensive basketball player

I am very enthusiastic about the FIDA Top Grippy handball and I want it to become the official ball of the first Slovenian handball league. As in other sports there are also a lot of ball providers in handball, but this ball seems to me the best one at the moment. Also the younger players are satisfied with it because of its great grip.

Aleš Pajovič, the best Slovenian handball team scorer of all times

The FIDA Soft handball - Aleš Pajovič series was extremely well accepted in Serbia and is used in the mini handball program which is organized by the Serbian Handball Association. All young handball players eagerly use it in trainings and also in matches. This is the first model of a soft handball that provides for the children’s safety and has at the same time completely identical characteristics as the usual leather handballs. Young handball players can lead it without any problems, bounce and pass it as a normal handball.

Milan Petronijević, the head of the mini handball program at the Serbian Handball Association

FIDA volleyballs are excellent, since they characteristically do not fall behind Mikasa, Molten and Gala balls, which are most present in the world of volleyball. They are distinguished for their production quality, grip and guidance, which is in volleyball very important. They are extremely appropriate when working with young people, since we can choose from different models and weights of the balls, which is very important when choosing a ball for teaching the youngest ones and training the team members.

Sebastjan Mikša - team captain of MOK Krka Novo mesto and leader of volleyball school

We are extremely satisfied with FIDA Top Grippy handballs. We have been using them for three years and they still have excellent grip. Because of the right size, excellent grip and nice color, children love playing with them.

Primary school PE teachers of OŠ Franja Goloba, Prevalje


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